non-custodialderivatives launchpad

Our mission is connecting projects, market makers and traders at no additional costs.
Trade on Biqutex
Startup MarketsDue diligence disclamer We offer affordable perpetual futures (up to 10x leverage) listings for start-up promising tokens on a subscription basis. Only from $990 per month!
Institutionally RobustAssets are held segregated in an institutional licensed Cobo® custodian. Mandatory KYC for all trading parties. Transparent monthly audited reserves reports.
Unlimited Simultaneous PositionsHold several long and short positions with different leverage on the same instrument at the same time for advanced exposure profiling.
Syntetic USDⓢ SettlementsAll instruments are quoted in synthetic USDⓢ for easy trading. Reserves are backed by a basket of the most reliable and regulated stablecoins.
No Additional CostsOur earning model is built on monthly subscriptions from listed projects. Therefore, we do not include exchange margin in the fees and distribute it between makers and affiliates.